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Phil & Teds Navigator Stroller Review

Phil & Teds Navigator is a single three-wheeled stroller that is upgradeable into a double one. It is 34 pounds in weight and has dimension of 31.4 x 22.3 x 12 inches. It has undergone several international safety tests, and is certified compliant with EN1888:2005, ASTM F833-10, AS/NZS 2088:2009-CPN8 AUS/NZ, and SOR Canada standards.

Phil & Teds Navigator Stroller Review, Weakness & Features

Phil & Teds Navigator Stroller Review

P&Ts Navigator features an adjustable follow-the-sun canopy that well pivots and covers your kid, but unluckily it does not cover the second child. There are some pockets on the canopy in which you can put your eyeglasses. The frame is sturdy with tight connections and foldable. The fabric is nice 100% Polyester wipe-clean, zip-off material. It makes it easy to clean.

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P&Ts Navigator is one-handed maneuverable. It glides wonderfully along the sidewalks and easily turns and pushes up hills because of the swiveling front wheel. Its pneumatic tires run well in all-terrain. The Navigator is also equipped with a flip-flop friendly foot brake for easy parking. A few reviewers think the brake lever is very tough, though. If you are wearing sandals or thongs, it hurts your feet to unlock the brake.

If you would like to upgrade the Navigator into a double stroller, you simply need to attach a Doubles Kit, i.e. the extra seat included in purchase kit. Nevertheless, the second seat can be a little tight to get a baby in and out, so you can recline it first.

Some children preferably enjoy the bottom seat, while some others do not due to a restricted view and leg space. You can manage it, somehow, by hanging toys off one of the buckles at the back of the main stroller. If you like to travel, P&Ts also works with infant car seat. By using such a car seat adaptor, it is compatible with Maxi-Cosi Pebble or Cabriofix, Phil & Teds Optimum or Cybex Aton car seats. Or, if you have only got a newborn baby, you can clip Phil & Teds Snug Carrycot (bassinet) onto the frame. Moreover, P&Ts has a really cool free rider stroller board, i.e. such kind of scooter, which can be used for your kid that is older for a stroller.

There is also a few more nitpicking about this stroller. Many people criticize the lack of storage in the basket, particularly if the Doubles Kit has been attached. It is likely hard to get your stuff in and out in case your kid is sleeping there. Cup holder is also not available there, so you have to put your cup in somewhere else.

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In addition, its rain cover is large and hard to fold away. To fold the stroller down, you need to firstly remove the second seat. Some people moans about the need of pumping tires early every single use. The front wheel clicks is also somewhat annoying. Even, people make a fuss of the assembly instructions which are only in pictures instead of word.

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