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4Moms Origami Baby Stroller Review

For mothers, folding and unfolding a baby stroller can be a complicated business, even if it should be done with one hand while the other holding the kid. Strollers generally have similar design. 4Moms Origami is a cutting-edge baby stroller equipped with power folding button on the handlebar that enable it fold/unfold itself. It eases mommies while there is no one around to help. With 1060mmx645mmx1020mm in size and 15.45kg in weight plus an adjustable reclining seat (40-720), this stroller is suitable for children from six months of age.

4Moms Origami Baby Stroller Review & Features

4moms origami self-folding stroller review4Moms Origami is equipped with daytime running lights above the front wheels and pathway lights under the stroller prop that automatically turn on in low-light conditions. The light power is transmitted from the built-in generator in the rear wheels. It charges the stroller itself as you walk. There is also a recharging port in which you can charge your cell phone.

4Moms Origami has four wheels suspension which make the ride smooth and comfortable on rough terrain. It also has lots of storages, i.e. four cup holders, storage pockets and a big removable bag. The Origami features an LCD dashboard down the middle of the handlebar. It shows you battery status, temperature, speed, and mileage of the stroller.

4 moms self folding stroller

There is a peek-a-boo window on the canopy from which you can see and amuse your baby by peeking at him, or you may just want to check whether he’s sleep. You even can customize your kits because Origami stroller is available in 6 different colors i.e. pink, blue, black, green, red, and white, which all is separately sold.

Even though the Origami is innovative, eye-catching, and has passed most of safety and durability tests, it still has some potential major hazards. First, because the easy folding mechanism requires little force to operate, it is possible for a curious child can try it by himself regardless the dial has a lock. Worst of all, the stroller is potentially hazardous for children and careless adults for the center column and the seat, and the center column and wheel struts potentially crush limbs through misuse.

Though it is claimed that Origami power-folding stroller is equipped with excellent four wheel suspensions, still many people consider it a bit shaky on rough terrain. Additionally, it cannot be reclined so far (40-720) and irreversible, too, that makes it not helpful for sleeping baby. There is manual mode allows you to fold and unfold it as if the battery is flat, yet it is not intended for everyday use. In fact, the Origami is an expensive and very heavy single baby stroller.


Valco Baby Snap Duo 2 Review

Valco Baby Snap Duo 2 is a lightweight full-size double stroller on the market. It weights only 21.6 lb lighter than other strollers. It is 29.5″W x 30″L x 41″H in its open dimension and 29.5″W x 31″L x 13.25″H in folded dimension. It is quite sturdy though designed with ultra lightweight frame.

valco baby snap duo features

The Snap Duo2 is simple and compact to fold. Not to mention it has standing fold. It folds inwards, so the seat fabric is that clean protected. You do not need to worry as if it popped up behind you because of an automatic lock when it is folded. It is also equipped with convenient shoulder carry strap & safety tether strap. So, it will get you to wherever you need to go in a Snap, whether for airline travel, in and out of the car or just getting around town.

valco baby snap duo review

Valco baby snap Duo 2 features very generous, individually adjustable canopies with a mesh peek-a-boo window. They can be extended to a full size by using a zipper.  There are also other larger mesh peek-a-boo windows on the back top of the seat. It can be opened for ventilation. Rain cover is included in the kit.

Unfortunately, the Valco snap Duo2 handlebar is non-adjustable, which may be less convenient for petite women. The seats are roomy and padded with 5 point safety harness. Each seat holds up to 44 pounds. They even have one touch flat reclines that make the Snap Duo2 suitable for infants. The seats are equipped with individual belly bars with gate-opening. They also have foot rests that can be adjusted individually. If you would like to use the stroller as a travel system, you can purchase car seat adapters.

In terms of storage, not to mention it has a large seat underneath storage basket for toys, groceries and more. It is even easily accessible.  So, you can get in and out any big item. Never worry about getting flats! The Snap Duo2 has foam tires that glide well over reasonably smooth surfaces. It is not an all terrain stroller, but is best used for regular city side walks.

You can quickly release the tires for storage. But, if you have no desire for foam tires, the Snap Duo2 offers you the option of exchanging the rubber wheels for air filled and all-terrain wheels. Of course, the all-terrain wheels will cost you more. And, it will also put on some extra weight on your stroller. It all depends on your personal preference, somehow. Furthermore, the stroller has a foot brake that provides safety for baby & mommy’s pedicure while strolling.