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Mamas and Papas Armadillo Review

Mamas and Papas Armadillo is a lightweight unisex stroller (17lbs) with a lot of features but in a reasonable price. It is so sturdy and can accommodate a newborn baby up to a 50-pound child. It has a one-handed fold system, and is very compact with fold dimensions of 21.6?W x 28.3?L x 11.8?H, which makes it easy to store.

Mamas and Papas Armadillo Review, Features & Weakness

Mamas and Papas Armadillo Review

M&P Armadillo is easy to maneuver. The use of EVA tires and all-wheel suspension creates such a smooth ride in case you hit a bump. The front wheels are swivel, but can be locked straight for uneven terrain. Compared to more expensive strollers with large wheels, M&P Armadillo might be a bit bumpy, somehow. A flip-flop friendly parking brake is on the right rear wheel.

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M&P Armadillo has a huge canopy which is easy to open and close. The rain cover is included and attached to the hood.  Nonetheless, there is no mesh side for ventilation. The peek-a-boo window on top is small but with a magnetic closure instead of a noisy Velcro. There is also a small toy loop on the inside of the canopy.

The spacious and padded reclining seat is great with its adjustable foot rest. When the stroller is folded, the seat is inside so it keeps clean. The basket is large enough and accessible from the back as well as the sides of the stroller because it is made of stretchable mesh. Still, it requires extra effort to get a bigger shopping bag into it since it is too close with the seat underneath. If you like travelling, you can set an infant car seat on it. M&P Armadillo works with Maxi Cosi and Aton car seat, and luckily, the adaptor is cheap.

Reclining seat is easy to do and operated with strap system. It has a one-handed lever that can stop in any position. It can fully flat. However, some people do not think so. The seat also does not sit fully upright which make it probably uncomfortable for some children.

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In addition, the handlebar is non-adjustable. And, it is covered with foam that makes it uncomfortable to grip for a long time. Many people are also complaining about the color options. Take for instance, if the M&P claims that it is black in color, in fact, it is not that truly black. It is such an off black ashy in color. If it is said that it is blue indigo, it is actually more purple than blue. Moreover, there is no cup holder and bumper bar available in this stroller.

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