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Chicco Bravo Trio System Review

Chicco Bravo Trio System is a 3-in-1 Travel System Solution that adapts to your changing needs as baby grows. It combines Chicco Bravo stroller and Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat by simply taking off the canopy and stroller seat, putting on the adapter, and then popping in the KeyFit 30.

Chicco Bravo Trio System Review, Weakness & Features

Chicco Bravo Trio System cuntomer review

There are 3 modes of the stroller adjusted to your baby needs.

  • KeyFit Carrier: The Bravo functions as a lightweight car seat carrier; that is by attaching an adapter and clicking in KeyFit 30.
  • Travel System: While traveling, your baby likely gets bored in his KeyFit. By using the adapter, you can change it to the Bravo seat easily.
  • Toddler Stroller: The Bravo functions as a full-featured stroller for everyday use.

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The Chicco Bravo is a good looking, sharply-designed and sturdy stroller, which is going to turn your head. It has features that indeed worth the price. Still, you should not be hesitant with the safety because, just similar to Britax B-Agile, it is highly rated for its safety. It is has weights around 23 pounds, and the Keyfit is less than 10 pounds. Definitely, it is a bit heavier than Britax B-Agile, but lighter than other Chicco strollers. The dimension of the Bravo is 33.5 x 21.75 x 43 inches when unfolded and 16 x 21.75 x 28 inches in its fold position.

Chicco Bravo Trio System Review

The Bravo features a one-handed fold in couple of seconds; it is the smartest quick fold in its class! You just need to reach the handle beneath the seat and lift up. The front wheels are going to turn and it turns into a compact, free-standing fold position. The Chicco Bravo’s canopy has good coverage, which comes over the carrier. Its handlebar is adjustable to 3 different heights, so people of different heights are able to push it easily. Also, there is a permanent parent’s accessory with cup holders which will keep your drink falling off. Sadly to say, there is no toddler’s tray. Thus, you have to put your baby’s milk somewhere else.

Your baby may need to have a comfortable nap while strolling. Therefore, the Bravo stroller seat is adjustable. It reclines easily in 3 positions. The seat fabric is made of easy-to-clean plastic materials, which make it easy to wipe off the baby, but non-breathable. The Bravo affords a child up to 50 pounds in its stroller mode, while it does up to 35 pounds while using the KeyFit.

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The Chicco Bravo features a big basket underneath the seat that is accessible from front and back sides. Some people assert that the Chicco Bravo’s storage is in some way better than B-Agile. Last but not least, the Chicco Bravo has great maneuverability despite of its weight. Its four wheels are plastic and have no tread, which could be a problem in the snow. Due to the good suspension system and rear brakes that are linked each other, they could run nicely, somehow.

Bugaboo Camelon3 Review

Bugaboo Camelon3, a third generation of Bugaboo Camelon, is a simple, snazzy, almost creature-like buggy. It is a fashionable and versatile companion for most families. It has average maneuverability with foam-filled wheels and front wheels suspension.

Bugaboo Camelon3 Review, Weakness & Features

Bugaboo Camelon3 Review

It is quite sturdy and has aluminum chassis with one central joint, which allows a compact fold particularly when the wheels are removed. The frame is detachable for car seat or bassinet. It is easy-to-clean i.e. by wiping it down with a damp cloth. The fabric is made of 100% canvas polyester, which is machine washable, but needs to air dry.

In terms of safety, the parking brake of the Camelon3 is hand operated. The locking handbrake is on the right side of the parent handle that you push upwards and click to lock. To release the brake, you just need to push a little button on the side of the brake lever. The Camelon3 features low-center of gravity that helps to keep it steady. It also has sturdy five point harness, but the buckle is a bit stiff. After all, it has nicely padded shoulder straps.

Sadly to say, the Camelon3 is challenging to fold because it has no fold lock mechanism. It is even somewhat bulky and cumbersome once folded. Not to mention, its five-step folding operation is far from one-handed! You need to disengage the seat attachment locks on each side first and remove the seat. Both frame locks should be disengaged afterwards. Then, you can rotate the handle downwards. Last, you can lift up on the center crossbar. Worse, the chassis does not self-stand.

The Camelon3 is rather unmanageable to load and unload due to its bulky package once folded. When the chassis is lifted, it even tends to unfold. Absolutely, it would not fit you if you are of urban mobility. The stroller has no venting or peek-a-boo window despite the fact that it has a large canopy. On the other hand, it is not to mention that the Camelon3 has a magnificent reversible handlebar. It can easily rotate either fore or aft for better leverage on varying terrain.

The Bugaboo organizer fits on handlebar or belly bar. The belly bar is removable and replaceable with a snack tray. Unfortunately, both child and parent trays are not included in the kit. The Camelon3 features a reversible, reclining seat that is fully upright. Yet, it does not really recline completely flat. Bassinet is included in the kit, while car seat is not. If you want to attach a car seat, the Camelon3 goes with Chicco, Graco, Peg Perego, Maxi-Cosi, and Britax-Romer car seat adapter. Nonetheless, it is not that suitable for a growing family since you cannot add another seat on it.

The stroller has a large removable under-seat basket. Though it is nicely large, it may be a bit difficult to access your items when the bassinet is on. It is better, though not that great, when the regular seat is on.

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