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Baby Stroller Buying Guide

Looking for a baby stroller is not easy as it sounds. Many things should be taken into account. Here are some general basic considerations.

1.    Price:

A stroller you look for should price reasonably and meets your budget. Make sure that you the price worth its features.

2.    Features and usefulness:

  • Single/double: A single stroller seems to be more practical. But, if you are a growing family or planning to have one more baby near in the future, a double one is an option. Otherwise, you can buy one that is convertible into a dual carriage in tandem, or into a travel system.
  • Weight and dimension: Majority people prefer to have a lightweight stroller, but also easy to pass through a narrow door. Additionally, the fold dimension is worth noted for transport and storage.
  • Folding and loading/unloading: Some strollers are foldable in one/two-step folding. Strollers with one-handed fold are customarily preferable, particularly if you commonly stroll by yourself or if there is no people around to help.
  • Maneuverability: It is worth to take a look at and try the stroller maneuverability at the store. Some strollers have pneumatic (air-filled) wheels, while others have foam-filled ones. Some tires are rubber, while others are plastic. Some strollers are only for specific terrain, while others are all-terrain. It all depends on your preference on the type and materials of the tires as well as its functions. Another thing related to maneuverability is the suspension. A stroller with an excellent suspension system, which absorbs the bumps, is recommended.
  • Safety: Safety is the most important thing to consider while you are strolling with the young. Many strollers today feature good harness e.g. 5-point harness to keep your baby keep secure and comfortable in his stroller. The parking brake should work well while strolling. There are two options of brake, handbrake and foot brake
  • Seat and foot rest: Seat is, an important thing for your baby, considerable if it is reversible and can be reclined, and whether it fits a newborn baby or not. Many children like to sit fully upright. Additionally, to keep them comfortable in it, a padded seat is sensible. Moreover, a good seat has to have a foot rest. Better if the foot rest is adjustable.
  • Canopy: A good canopy is the one that is large and has good coverage. It also has to have enough venting on it to keep the air well circulated.
  • Storage: Another worth consideration before buying a stroller is the storage. Buy the one with storage that meets your need. Do not buy one that is too small for shopping, or buy one that is too big for jogging.
  • Handlebar: Adjustable handlebar is preferred so that the stroller can be pushed by people of any height.
  • Accessories: Not all accessories are included in the kit. Make sure that any accessory you need is included, or it is cheap if sold separately.

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